Winner of another Versatile Blogger Award – The Wandering Wanderluster

Winner of another Versatile Blogger Award – The Wandering Wanderluster

One of the best things about blogging is connecting with other bloggers and receiving recognition for your work. It really makes all my long hours of writing and photo editing worth it when I receive the news that I have been given another award – this time from Brad Frankel at Why Am I Different! Thank you so much! 🙂

As part of the award I have to tell Brad 7 things about me, now this is tough  as I have already answered this before so I will try and think of 7 unique things different from my last award…so here it goes

  1. I have visited Italy more than any other country in the world (excluding England as my home country)
  2. I dream of owning my own hotel one day near a beach
  3. I have a passion for Eco and Responsible Tourism
  4. I hate milk
  5. My favorite meal of all time is Jacket Potato with cheese and beans (I used to eat it t least 3 times a week as a teenager)
  6. I hope to graduate from University one day]
  7. I hope to adopt a child one day (there are enough children in the world who need homes without bringing more into the world)

So there you go…7 facts about me! Was harder then I though!

So as part of the award I now have to nominate bloggers who I think deserve to be recognized for their writing, photography and inspiring posts (sorry there aren’t many!). They are:

Hannah from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel – She has a very bubbly and kind personality and I follow her blog every week without fail

RV Panambo from Chasing Adventure – She is based in the Philippines with dreams of exploring the world. I love her posts on the country and her love for life

Kanika from The Talking Trails – She has some great posts from her travels and from her home town in Boston!


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  1. September 2, 2014 / 9:33 AM

    Fact number 4: same here! Fact number 2: where, when and how can I apply for a job? 😀 Fact number 7: controversial affirmation, but I understand what you mean. We would talk for long hours about this over a few cups of coffee I guess. I do have a child (teenager now) of my own, planning on one more and I haven’t discarded the possibility of adoption.

    Congratulations on the award!

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