The Best Discounted Flight Search Engine You’ve Never Heard Of!

The Best Discounted Flight Search Engine You’ve Never Heard Of!

Calling all Travelers & Backpackers! This is one flight search engine you that will save you heaps of money!

You’ve probably all heard of Expedia, Skyscanner and Google Flights. I never knocked them until now. Because did you know that there are a ton of airline tickets that don’t appear in the search results that could be saving you heaps of money? Introducing Skypicker, a new start up Czech business that has taken searching for the cheapest flight option one step further.

How does Skypicker differ to the likes of Skyscanner?

Using new algorithms, Skypicker allows you to mix and match tickets offered by low cost and competing airlines to give you the lowest and cheapest flight option that can often be 50 – 90% cheaper than those booked via a regular flight ticket.

How does Skypicker work?

Skypicker works out the cheapest route from your point of origin to your final destination using unique algorithms that produce search results that include “non connecting” connecting flights via destinations that perhaps are cheaper than a direct or indirect route with the same or partnering airline.

For example: I want to fly from Prague to Marrakesh on the 22nd August 2015. There are no direct flights. When searching Skyscanner my cheapest option is to fly via Cologne in Germany at a cost of £141 with Germanwings.


When I search with Skypicker the results show an option with Ryanair via Brussels that leaves on the same day but is almost half the price at £77.19!

Skypicker Search Result

Notice that not only does Skyscanner not display any flights with Ryanair but it also doesn’t include any flight combinations with Ryanair via Brussels! But wait there is an even bigger shock!

I scrolled down the page on Skypicker to find to my amazement the exact same flight for £41 less than Skyscanner?!


Pros & Cons of Skypicker

Lets start with the obvious. This is a flight search engine that can save you money. And not just some but a lot! Just in my example alone I saved almost half the amount of money I would of spent had I booked my flight through Skyscanner.

But, let me also point out that my cheaper option with Skypicker had a longer connection time, bringing my total traveling time to 31h 5 mins as opposed to 25h 55 mins. These long connection times are not particularly great for business travellers or those who need to arrive on a specific date or time. However if you are a backpacker or leisure traveler with plenty of time and flexibility in their travel plans, this tool will allow you to not only find cheaper tickets, but allow for stop overs in destinations you may previously not of thought about.

There are travelers who enjoy comfort and the familiarity of an airline who they are loyal to that may find the flight option on Skypicker unsatisfactory. However it is certainly beneficial to those travelers or backpackers on a budget who don’t mind swapping the comfort of a main stream airline for a low cost budget one.

The biggest problem I found with booking separate flights though Skypicker is that your checked in luggage is not guaranteed to meet your connection if the connecting flight is with a different airline. While you make one booking online through Skypicker, your actual flight tickets will be separate, which means any luggage you check in will be subject to being sent through to baggage claim meaning you have to actually exit the airport, pick up your bag and re-check in, a high risk you run if your connection times are on the shorter side. However if you have a connection time of 20+ hours and or you carry hand luggage only, this in theory wouldn’t be much of a concern.

You will also need to work out if you need overnight accommodation during long stop overs, a cost that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the flights. Compare the prices before making a decision as the cost of a hotel may eat into your flight savings. Alternatively like many a backpacker, you can also choose to slum it in the airport on those rather uncomfortable chairs if you’re on a super tight budget.

So is Skypicker worth it?

In my opinion Skypicker is great if you’re open to flying with low cost airlines and have plenty of flexibility on your time and itinerary. If you don’t mind spending a day in Rome on the way to Turkey or exploring the museums in Oslo on the way to New York then Skypicker is the flight search engine for you.

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  1. July 23, 2015 / 6:44 PM

    LOVE Skypicker! Read about them accidentally a little while ago and have been using their site ever since! Love the combinations they come up with to ensure they give you the lowest flights possibilities. 🙂

  2. July 25, 2015 / 4:34 PM

    I’ve been using Skypicker for a while now and I love it! For me, the best feature is the geographic radius setting – I live within an hour of four different airports in two different countries so it makes such a different being able to see all the options at once.

  3. August 14, 2015 / 10:07 PM

    I had no idea this even existed!! I use Skyscanner all the time. Definitely going to have to try out Skypicker! 🙂

  4. September 22, 2015 / 9:41 PM

    I will definitely check out Skypicker now! This is great news. I hate feeling like I’m paying more for a flight than I need to so always looking for deals. Thanks for sharing

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