Scumptous Spanish Paella in Pepe Nero Prague

Scumptous Spanish Paella in Pepe Nero Prague

Have you ever started to write your shopping list for the week and think that you really don’t want to eat the same old recipes you have cooked one hundred times already? Well it happens to me a lot. Mostly because I get bored of eating the same things over and over again and secondly because 80% of the time I am too lazy to cook. So when I discovered Lime & Tonic I hit the jackpot. Featuring a huge list of unique dining experiences I was in food heaven and the only problem I would have was deciding which delicious dining experience I would want to devour first….being a lover of Spanish food I decided the traditional Paella experience at Pepe Nero would do nicely.

Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter in the center of Prague, Pepe Nero is conveniently located as a stop for a lunch or dinner after a full day of sightseeing or after a hard day at work. With a good selection of tapas and paella dishes on offer it is a great low key casual place to enjoy a traditional and authentic Spanish experience. With Lime and Tonic the experience is all about the Paella which was perfect for me since Paella is one f my favorite dishes.

Pepe's Paella experience Prague

Part of the experience is to go into the kitchen, meet the chef and learn the basics of making this traditional dish. Since it wasn’t available on the night we visited we opted to enjoy some pre paella tapas dishes instead which were incredibly Moorish. With a glass of prosecco on arrival and a lovely bottle of rose we were well into a lovely evening when our delicious vegetable paella arrived.

A rather generous portion for two people meant we were completely full after the paella. But our Spanish experience was not yet over….a rather refreshing glass of ice cream really topped it off while my boyfriend opted for an alcoholic beverage of his choice…

Overall our dining experience was enjoyable. The restaurant was full when we arrived so the atmosphere is far from relaxing but the tasty food and good friendly service makes up for the lack of romance and relaxation that I normally prefer when dining out. While this isn’t my go to place for romantic meals I would definitely head back there for a lunch or dinner date with my friends! It was definitely worth the visit – it saved me cooking anyway!

You can purchase your own Paella Experience with Lime and Tonic here…

Why I Love Lime & Tonic

Here at The Wandering Wanderluster we love all things green, Eco and charitable. So not only do I frequently dine through Lime and Tonic because of their great range of restaurants and experiences but I love that every experience supports a charity or foundation and my experience supported the Tereza Maxov√° Foundation which aims to provide each child it supports with a safe and loving family environment to grow up in and be loved. So I can happily dine and enjoy a delicious meal knowing that just a little bit of my money went towards helping a poor child in need. You can’t get a more satisfying dining experience than that?!

So if you are looking for something different in Prague or are visiting the city and want to eat locally check out Lime and Tonic’s experiences. You won’t be disappointed.

Pepe Nero Prague

Bilkova 132/4
110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
tel. +420222315467

opening hours: Tue-Sat 11:30 – 23:00

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