Review of Hotel Capricorno – A colorful haven in the center of Vienna

Review of Hotel Capricorno – A colorful haven in the center of Vienna

On my recent and first trip to Vienna I was delighted to stay at Hotel Capricorno, a wonderful four star hotel located in the center of Vienna at the Schwedenplatz. Step outside and you are just a few minutes walk from the shopping district and the magnificent St Stephens Cathedral.

Upon arriving at the train station (a twenty-minute taxi ride 14 Euros) I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who promptly checked me in and another gentlemen kindly took my bag and showed me to my room.

Reception area of Hotel Capricorno by Schick Hotels

Reception area of Hotel Capricorno by Schick Hotels

Owned by Schick Hotels, Hotel Capricorno had just undergone a serious make over which had only been completed just a few weeks before I arrived. While the hotel had a very fresh and modern feel to it, it wasn’t overly obvious that it was brand new which I kind of liked. There was no fresh paint smell and no over the top features that screamed “brand new”. The whole hotel had a wonderful and picturesque feel to it. Filled with beautiful photography it was a colorful haven in the center of Vienna, a far cry from the traditional and dated hotels that I had often seen advertised for Vienna.

“Filled with beautiful photography it was a colorful haven in the center of Vienna”

As for my room, I was pleasantly surprised to find a spacious and equally as bright and colorful space. I not only had a balcony that looked over the city life and the river canal but also a lovely en suite bathroom and a spacious dressing area complete with a very comfortable arm chair. The room had also been fitted with a Samsung television and a brand new Samsung tablet, which not only had hotel information on it but was also available for personal internet use…!

Hotel Room in Hotel Capricorno Vienna

My Hotel Room in Hotel Capricorno Vienna

Hotel Room in Hotel Capricorno

The thing I loved about this hotel was that it is incredibly Eco-friendly. There were no stacks of papers with hotel information (all of the information could be found on the tablet) and they had a towel and linen reuse policy ( I hate hotels that change your towels and your bed linen every day!), energy saving lights and system (the lights switched off when you left the room) and even the toiletries were in reusable containers….as a lover of Eco-friendliness this hotel truly did it for me.

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Bathroom in Hotel Capricorno Vienna

My Bathroom In Hotel Capricorno Vienna

After a heavy night of drinking, it was a welcoming delight to find such a beautiful breakfast buffet, full of healthy (and not so healthy) choices that would start my day off in the right step. And it was served in a peaceful breakfast room that wasn’t too big that you feel intimated as soon as you walk in. I was able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with my friends, with casual chit chat and a laid back and friendly feel. The staff was great, serving us with a big fat smile and a quick delivery of our teas and cooked breakfasts!

Welcome Gift at Hotel Capricorno

My Welcome Gift From Hotel Capricorno! Thank You For A Wonderful Stay!

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Hotel Capricorno. Although it is a four-star hotel it has the service and feel of a luxury hotel. The staff are truly wonderful and they will go out of their way to help you with anything you may need! I can’t recommend this hotel (and their sister hotels which I visited) enough!

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While I was a guest of Schick Hotels, all opinions and views are my own and I would never endorse a hotel or service I didn't truly love or recommend!

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