Review of Atelier Red and Wine Prague

Review of Atelier Red and Wine Prague

It is not hard to find a good restaurant in Prague. The city has an abundance of fantastic restaurants including a very healthy selection of Michelin star restaurants. However despite being in an almost invisible location, the newly opened Atelier Red & Wine builds on the reputation of its namesake Atelier, which closed in Vrsovice years ago. Situated on a quiet back street bordering on the Kinsky Gardens in Prague 5’s sliver of Malá Strana, this refreshing restaurant boasts some of the friendliest service staff in Prague and a seasonal menu that is skillfully paired with some of the most affordable and delicious International and Czech wines.

Although almost completely empty on arrival, this stylish restaurant with its red burst of color was quick to fill up as the evening progressed. Although there is an intimate small patio garden, we decided to dine inside in an intimate corner in the back room. Our service was both friendly and professional and we weren’t left long before our waiter was promptly requesting our selection from our tailor-made dining experience menu.

Our starter platter came quickly and we were surprised that there was more than enough for the both of us to enjoy, nicely accompanied by a Lavender Atelier aperitif that had an unusual taste, much like a lavender lemonade with a hint of something I couldn’t recognize. Regardless of what was in it I liked it.

Atelier Restaurant Prague

Marinated Bell Peppers with goat’s cheese, lamb’s lettuce and olive oil
Lightly seared beef carpaccio with salad and mustard relish and a side of mackerel rillettes with white onion, toasted bread and lemon confit.

Full apologizes for the half eaten picture of our starter. It looked so delicious (and it was) that we dived straight in and only realized thought half way through of taking a picture 🙂

Before I had even finished my lavender aperitif the second glass of wine this time a Sauvignon Blanc arrived with our main meals shortly after. Since there were only two choices on our tailor-made menu we each decided to pick a different one so we could try both dishes.

Atelier Restaurant Prague

Seared pork steak with fennel seeds, potatoes confits, onions and spinach

Atelier Red & Wine Restaurant Prague

Grilled squid stuffed with vegetables, green crab sauce and buttered bok-choi

I can’t say much about the squid dish other than it got a thumbs up from Leo, but my pork was very good with plenty of taste and while being a little on the fatty side it had a great taste with the fennel seeds.

Another glass of wine later and our surprise desert appeared along with another glass of dessert wine (there was so much wine!). I loved the fresh and crisp taste of the creme brulee topped with fresh seasonal berries.

DSCN0034 copy

The highlight of the meal was definitely the starter. The beef was so tender and moist it just melted in my mouth. If I go back again its definitely something I’d eat again!

Although some of the wines weren’t to our liking we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of trying out a few glasses of wines we had never had before.

Our dining experience can be purchased from Lime & Tonic


T: +420 257 218 277
A: Rosickych 4, Prague 5

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