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Visiting any city for the first time can be a daunting experience, even for the most seasoned of travellers and Prague is no exception. Tourists who decide to use Prague’s public transport can often be left confused, frustrated and lost at the lack of English information and assistance at metro stations or on board buses or trams. This guide has been put together to provide you with helpful tips to assist your navigation around the city of a hundred spires safely, easily and cost effectively!

Getting to the city from the airport using public transport

While taking one of the AA taxi outside the airport are the fastest option into the city centre they certainly aren’t the budget friendly option. There are two cheaper options to get to the city centre:

119 Bus to Dejvicka Metro Station – Purchase your ticket using local coins from the yellow machine at the airport bus stop. Purchase the 32kc ticket for 90 minutes and stamp it upon boarding the bus. Change at Dejvicka metro station for other connections including metro and bus.

Airport Express (AE) bus takes you directly to into the city and stops at the main train station Praha Hlavni Nadrazi and Masarykovo nádraží railway station (note it only stops here on the way back from the airport and not to the airport) both from which you can take connecting metro and buses.

NOTE: The AE bus line operates daily at regular 30-minute intervals. In the direction of Prague Airport, this connection can be used from 6:30 to 22:00, and in the opposite direction from 5:30 to 21:00. Tickets can be purchased from the driver for 60kc per person.

Taking Taxis

Prague AAA Taxi | The Wandering Wanderluster

Prague isn’t a city where you should hail a cab directly off the street. They will charge you over the average rate and some have been known to be unsafe. If you decide to take a taxi make sure you call a cab before hand using one of the reliable local taxi firms or get your hotel or restaurant to call a taxi for you.

AAA Taxis – +420 222 333 222
Nejlevnější – +420 226 000 226 (Slightly cheaper then AAA Taxis)
Modry Andel – +420 737 222 333

Using Prague’s Transport System

Prague has an amazing public transport system made up of trams, buses, metros and trains. My advice is if you are staying for the weekend and plan on using public transport, you maybe best off purchasing a three day ticket for 310 kc per person (Adult). You’ll be also pleased to know your ticket is also valid on the funicular that goes from the bottom of Ujezd Street to the top of Petriny Hill for the lookout tower.

You can purchase a three day ticket from the offices in the metro stations or if you wish to take a single journey a 24kc ticket valid for 30 minutes or a 32kc ticket for 90 minutes can be purchased from tabak stores (potraviny) or yellow machines located at some bus and tram stops.

Your Ticket

Make sure you stamp your ticket when travelling on any public transport services. Look out for the yellow boxes at the entrance to metro lines, and on board trams and buses. Not stamping your ticket makes it an invalid ticket and may incur a fine should your ticket get checked.

Useful App for Prague Transport

Screenshot of Pubtran phone app for Prague Public Transport  The Wandering Wanderluster

If you decide to travel around Prague using their great transport system there are some useful apps to download to help you navigate yourself around the city. They are in English for your ease.

Android Users: Download Pubtran FREE App –
iphone Users: Download Jízdní řády (iDNES Journey Planner) FREE –

Night Trams & Buses

Prague is a fantastic city with a vibrant nightlife so you’ll be pleased to know that it also runs a reliable night service too. The last metro train runs around 00:15AM while some of the day tram and buses continue until around 1.00AM. After this you can take night trams and buses. Numbers usually start with 5 such as 54, 57 for trams or 510 for buses. Use the suggested app above for an instant and live timetable or check the printed timetables for information. Night services are the ones with the dark backgrounds.

4 thoughts on “Prague’s Public Transport: A Guide For First Time Visitors

  1. Margareta says:

    Last night, Main Train Station Prague, an unhappy and lost US couple after a screaming match with the taxi drivers asking astronomic price to get to the centre. I called a local taxi at 200 CZK. Welcome to Prague and do not get discouraged, we are nice people.

  2. Cris glass says:

    “Make sure you stamp your ticket when travelling on any public transport services. Look out for the yellow boxes at the entrance to metro lines, and on board trams and buses. Not stamping your ticket makes it an invalid ticket and may incur a fine should your ticket get checked.”
    Make sure you stamp your ticket just one time because we didnt know this and stamped it every time when we’ve got transportation. We paid 1800 kzc in fine because they couldnt see the date the first stamp. I think it’s importante to say especially when it’s your first time in Prague. Cheers from Brazil

    • Samantha Hussey says:

      Good point Cris! Yes you can stamp your ticket once, then it is done by time. You can purchase a ticket for 30 minutes and 90 minutes which allows free transfers between Tram, Bus and Metro for the allocated time. Otherwise you can buy daily tickets, weekend tickets (3 days), weekly and monthly etc…Thanks for bringing that very important point up! 🙂

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