VIDEO | Pre Oktoberfest Fun – Beer Tapping In Munich

VIDEO | Pre Oktoberfest Fun – Beer Tapping In Munich

Beer Tapping at the Schusterhausl Inn – The most fun you’ll have at any hostel during Oktoberfest

How often have you turned up at a hostel and got to experience something you can’t do anywhere else on earth? Never right? Well let me introduce you to Schusterhausl Inn located on the outskirts of Munich. I visited this brand new hostel late last year just days before the Oktoberfest celebrations began in Munich. Not only is this hostel brand spanking new (opened September 2014) but if your a guest staying here you may even get the chance to tap your very own barrel. At 22-25 litres, these wooden barrels weight an absolute ton!

Ludwig (the owner) will teach you the best technique to ensure the brass tap goes in correctly but then its all down to you. I was super stoked to be the very first female to tap a barrel at Schusterhausl Inn and even more stoked that I managed to a) hold the mallet (its super heavy!) and c) that I only took two hits to do it c) that I did it better than half of the previous attemptees (all male!) HA!

So if you’re looking for a decent, good value hostel for this years Oktoberfest I can’t recommend this place enough! Great staff, free shuttle bus to the station, organised day trips, fantastic food on site and some of the best standards of rooms I’ve seen in any hostel in Europe. You’d be a fool to book anywhere else! 🙂

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  1. Olga
    February 12, 2015 / 10:15 PM

    That’s Germany in a nutshell! Looks like people are already having fun before Oktoberfest even started 🙂

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