The Wandering Wanderluster Bucket List

The Wandering Wanderluster Bucket List

OK so it’s a bit cliché but we all have one. Whether you’ve written it down or stored it in your memory we all have a list as long as Santa’s of things we want to do and places we want to see before we “kick the bucket”. So without further a do here is my incredibly ridiculously long travel bucket list…..(in no particular order or priority)

1. See wild elephants on an African safari

Wild elephants in Africa

I’ve seen elephants in Zoo’s and I’ve seen them working but I’d love to go on a safari and see an elephant in the wold, free of chains and barriers. Just enjoying life as they should be….in the WILD!

2. See the Northern Lights

Northern Lights over Þingvallavegur National Park Iceland

Northern Lights over Þingvallavegur National Park Iceland

We were lucky enough to spot the Northern Lights on our very last night in Iceland. We sat for hours waiting for them to appear and then just out of the blue they came in all their glory!

3. See Polar Bears in the wild

Polar Bears Antarctica
I saw my first polar bear in SeaWorld in Florida when I was a child. The poor thing was pacing up and down in its enclosure bored out of its mind. It was so sad. So I’d love to see them in the wild, maybe on a trip to Norway!

4. Take a ride on the Trans Siberian Railway

Trans Siberian Railway
I love train rides and I would absolutely love to do the Trans Siberian Railway trip from Moscow to Beijing!

5. Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins
I’m not overly keen on doing this in any water park but if I ever got the chance to do it in the wild I’d jump at the chance to swim with these majestic creatures.

6. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

sydney harbour bridge at sunset
Definitely a must on any trip to Sydney! The views from the top must be pretty cool! As long as you have no fear of heights!

 7. Take a gondola ride in Venice 


Check! Well maybe…does a 30 second trip across the water count? 🙂

8. Trek the Torres Del Paine in Chile

Torres Del Paine Chile

Doesn’t that just take your breath away? I want it to…when I’m standing right there with it in front of me!

9. Relax on a beach in Mozambique


Maybe when you think of an idyllic beach Mozambique doesn’t jump straight to your mind but it does for me. This is my perfect beach, and that dude in the picture? That will be me one day!

10. Ride a camel in Egypt


I have been to Egypt before but I never got a chance to ride a camel. They smell and they spit but that’s ok…

11. Go scuba-diving

Scuba Diving in Dominican Republic

This is a photo I took while diving in the Dominican Republic

Check! I learnt to scuba-dive during a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2008. I was absolutely terrified but it was all worth it in the end!

12. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef


I have snorkeled in the Red Sea and in the Caribbean but nothing can compare to the Great Barrier Reef! Just hope it’s still intact when I arrive!

13. Follow the footsteps of Charles Darwin in The Galapagos Islands

galapagos islands
Blue footed boobies, Seals and Lizards galore! I love wildlife so this is a must for me. Such beautiful islands and amazing wildlife. What more could you want?

14. Jump around with Lemurs in Madagascar

Ring-tailed Lemur Mother and baby

I love these little fellows! Their small little faces are just so cute! I love how they bounce around on their legs and hang around in groups. I’ve seen them in zoo’s but I’d love to see them in the wild, in the only place on earth, Madagascar.

15. See and walk on The Great Wall of China


Such a magnificent piece of human engineering. It’s hard to imagine how hard and how long it must have taken to build such a vast and strong wall, and how many people died doing it. It’s a wonder of the world and I would love to walk a good part of it one day.

16. Trek to Machu Picchu


Ok so it’s on everybody’s Bucket list but with any trip to Peru I think seeing this ancient site is a must. The trek up to it is half the fun!

17. Visit Jerusalem


I like the idea of visiting Israel, not only for its culture but also its religious significance for both Christians and Jews. I’d love to visit all the biblical sites, even if they aren’t the “true sites” being a Christian it would be a sort of pilgrimage.

18. Follow Indiana Jones footsteps to Petra


I have wanted to visit here ever since I first watched Indiana Jones. Being a world wonder I just want to stand in awe at its breathtaking grandeur.

19. Tango dance in Buenos Aires
Tango dance in Buenos Aires Argentina

Every woman loves the idea of being swept of her feet but in the dance of tango she may not lead but she is certainly in charge! I have learnt to tango dance (a little) so it would be great to see it being performed where it originated from. I might even learn a little more while I am there!

20. Swim in all 5 oceans

Arenella Lido Sicily

This is me swimming in Sicily

Not sure how many I have swam in so far! It really depends if you include the seas contained within the oceans. I have swam in the Mediterranean, Bay of Bengal, Caribbean Sea, East China Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Red Sea & the English Channel/North Sea. But counting Oceans probably the North Atlantic & the Indian Ocean. Two down three to go!

21. Visit every country in Europe


So far I have visited 11 so I have a long way to go. Not sure which one is my favorite, perhaps Italy as I’ve visited it more than any other country in the world. All that pizza and gelato!

22. Take a boat ride on Halong Bay
Boarding the boat in Halong Bay Vietnam

Check! We took a day trip out into the bay and spent the day canoeing around the islands and eating the freshest fish we have ever had! The biggest crabs too!

23. Sip vodka in Russia


I’m not a huge fan of vodka but it’s an excuse to put down Russia on my Bucket List. There are simply too many reasons why Russia is on my list so why not Vodka be one of them!

24. See the ancient temples of Bagan
Bagan temples Myanmar at sunrise

This was quite an important one for me to tick off as soon as possible. Myanmar’s tourism is booming and I am so afraid for this precious country. I really hope it doesn’t turn into another Thailand. I wanted to visit while it was still relatively untouched and I’m so glad we did. I wonder if in a few years time you’ll be able to cycle around Bagan and not see another soul for hours?

25. Go to DisneyWorld

This is me and my sisters in 1999 our first trip to Disney!

This is me and my sisters in 1999 our first trip to Disney!

Ok I was greedy and I have been twice. However I was 9 and 11 so I would love to go again as an adult and enjoy all the rides I was too little for. It really is a magical place for all ages. Maybe I will get to go when I have children of my own.

26. Visit the Salt Flats in Bolivia

saltflats bolivia

I fell in love with Bolivia whilst working for a South America Tour Operator. The salt flats look like heaven and earth have no boundaries, where the sky kisses the earth. I really hope I get to visit one day. Mostly because I want to play around with the camera and have all the picture tricks photos! (Only joking!)

27. See penguins in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the few places on earth only a small number of tourists ever reach. I’m not sure if it’s the extortionate amount of money it costs or if it is because it freaking cold! Either way it’s on my Bucket List! If you haven’t already guessed I love wildlife in the wild so it would be awesome to mingle with the penguins.

28. Self Drive around South Africa


Ah the mother city as it’s called. Wouldn’t it be great to drive around, visit the winelands, drop in on a couple of beaches, swim with the sharks or should I say cage dive, and mouche around a few national parks and spot some lions? Sounds good to me!

29. Hang around with Orangutans in Borneo


No other reason than they are the most cutest creatures on earth!

30. See the Taj Mahal


Another excuse to have to visit India. Or maybe you don’t need an excuse. There is heaps to do in India but it would be a shame to miss out a world wonder.

31. Go whale watching


Who wouldn’t want to go see the largest mammal on earth breach through the water? What a magnificent sight that must be!?

32. Learn a new language

I dabbled in German and French in high school but I never had the right roll of the tongue or the stern voice so I didn’t do so well with those. But I’ve been learning Italian for the past 5 years and since moving to the Czech Republic I am learning a little Czech. Won’t cross it off my list until I’m fluent!

33. Live in 5 different countries

United Kingdom & Czech Republic. Two down 3 to go!

34. Visit the Iguazu Falls from all sides


A real natural wonder. These magnificent water falls appear on everyone’s must see place when travelling to South America. Most people see it from one side, but I’d like to see it from both the Brazil and Argentina side.

35. Eat Italian Gelato

Geltato in Venice

Indulging in Gelato in Venice

I have probably eaten my body weight in Italian Ice Cream. I eat kilos of it (ok maybe not kilos but a lot!)on every trip, there are just too many flavors to pick from!

36. Go on a sailing trip 

Croatia Sailing 2012

I accomplished this one in Croatia in 2012. I spent 8 days cruising around deserted islands, jumping off the boat into clear blue waters, sunbathing all day and partying all night. Croatia is the place for sailing holidays in Europe. Without a shadow of a doubt.

37. Have a beer at Oktoberfest


I hate beer. So this one might be a be tricky to do but non the less I’d give it a go just so I could dress up and look like a Bavarian Wench.

38. Couchsurf


Hmm not literally but I couldn’t find a picture that best described this one! I think couch surfing is a great idea. Meet new people, live like a local and travel cheaply around the world. I aim to surf and host at least once!

39. See a glacier

Iceland Glacier

We saw many glaciers in Iceland in 2012. We had such spectacular weather and we were able to do a little off roading (not the illegal type) and walk to this glacier. No idea of the name but it was so peaceful. All you could hear was the ice cracking in the warmth.

40. Visit all 50 states

50 states of america

I think this will be the hardest one of them all. The USA is a mighty large country and that’s a lot of transatlantic flights to take from Europe. The only way I can see this one being achieved is if I moved there. And even then it will be at a push. But never say never hey!

41. Backpack around South America

Earth boy - South America

It’s another continent I have yet to set foot on! There are so many things I want to do here and not a single country I’d want to miss out. I think Peru, Bolivia and Chile would be first on my list.


42. Go on a volunteering holiday

volunteer holidayThis is something I really feel every traveller should do on their trips around the world. Whether it’s for a couple of days, a week or a month, volunteering and working to give something back is one of the best things you can do to say thank you to people who have allowed you into their homes and into their country. There are so many opportunities to volunteer out there no matter what your interest that there is no excuse not to. I’d like to think I would work with children somewhere in Africa. Help build a school and raise funds for their education. I had a great education so it’s only fair every child in the world has the same opportunities.

43. Visit all 7 continents

7 continents

I have so far been to Africa, Asia, Europe and North America so only three more to go! 🙂

42. Take a boat ride down the Amazon


One of my ideal things to do in South America would be to take a boat ride down the largest river in the world. A great way to see the rain-forests and wildlife from a different perspective. Toucans, pink dolphins, monkeys and capybaras.

43. Throw a dart at a map


Pretty self-explanatory. Just throw, hit, go.

44. Drive the Route 66 on a Harley


We currently own a Harley and we love jumping on it and riding through the Czech countryside. Last year we rode from Prague to Rome for the 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson. Good practice for riding the Route 66. Although i hope we have a bigger bike for that….not sure my little backside could take the pain of being on such a small bike.

45. Go on a cruise

Cruise Ship Docked at Ocho Rios

I’m going to be stereotypical here and say I may save this for when I’m older. While I love the idea of a cruise on a massive ship I’d like to do it in style and save to do a big long cruise around Australia and The Cook Islands one day.

46. Write a book

writing-bookI love writing which is why I blog so I would love to be able to write a book one day. I often have ideas for a good novel only to find out a similar story has already been written. Perhaps this is another one I will do later in life.

47. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer Train 


This is the second train journey I have featured in my Bucket List. As I said before I love train journeys. We have recently traveled around Myanmar by train and we loved every bumpy minute of it. The Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most famous train journeys in the world, passing through some spectacular scenery. It really looks amazing.

48. Trek the Himalayas


Would have to put some serious gym time in for this one but I’ve been told it’s completely worth it! Not sure I’d attempt Mount Everest…seeing it from the distance would do me fine!

49. Help a stranger


I’d like to think I have helped many strangers in my life. When I’m out wandering the city I often assist lost tourists and direct them on the right path. I overhear them or see them twisting the map with a bemused look on their faces and can’t help but feel sorry for them. Or I bag up my leftovers from meals and hand them to homeless men on the streets. But I haven’t ticked it off my list. I want to help a stranger in real need, maybe these acts do count but I’d like to do something significant which leads me to my final point….

50. Change a life

change-a-lifeI’m not sure how I am going to do this yet. Again I’m sure I’ve contributed in small ways to a number of lives through donations, charity alms giving etc…but I want to do something more meaningful. A completely unselfish act that will change someone’s life forever. If I ever achieve it I’ll die happy.

We all have so many places to visit and only one life time to do it in so get out there, stop wasting time and do it! 🙂 Whats on your bucket list?


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