London’s Iconic Red Phone Boxes Get An Upgrade!

London’s Iconic Red Phone Boxes Get An Upgrade!

Now I don’t often write about trivial things such as phone boxes, nor do I take much notice of them when walking around the streets of London unless some tourist is doing something ridiculous for a photo opportunity. The iconic red phone boxes of London have become some what redundant since the age of smart phones so when I saw this new colored box I googled to investigate and read that some smart bright spark has come up with a new idea to recycle them and I had to share it with you!

One of London’s phone boxes has finally been put to use! Painted green and equipped with a solar panel rooftop, this nifty Solarbox is no longer used to make calls. No instead it has a facility I am sure all of us have needed at some point (no not toilet!) but phone charging cables! Horrah! Finally, a fantastic idea to recycle these used boxes for something useful and they have cables for Blackberry, iphones and Samsung mobiles! And whats even better is they are completely Eco-friendly which we at The Wandering Wanderluster love!!

SolarBox London

London’s first SolarBox in Tottenham Court Road

So while this new box is currently only one of a kind there are plans to introduce even more across London. So if you run out of juice while on the go look out for one of these florescent phone boxes to charge your phone for FREE! Fab! Look out for them on your next visit to the city!

What other ways would you like to see phone boxes used? Perhaps as mini libraries to share books? Tell me your ideas!

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