A place beyond the pines…A Day Trip to Prague’s Lhota Lake

A place beyond the pines…A Day Trip to Prague’s Lhota Lake

One of the things I miss living in the Czech Republic is a coast line. Back in the UK I lived a mere 30 minutes by train from the sea. On a nice summers day it was easy to just jump in the car or train and ride down to Brighton for the day, walk along the promenade and play arcade games on the pier. But what do you do in the Czech Republic on a lovely summers day?  You improvise..

While Prague plays host a numerous outdoor swimming pools and parks we wanted to go somewhere that was a bit closer to nature and less artificial. Googling “lakes in the Czech Republic” we came across Lhota Lake Prague and headed there.


Lhota Lake in the Czech Republic. 40 minutes from the city of Prague.

Just a forty minute drive from Prague and you can refresh yourself in the Lhota’s wonderfully clean lake, surrounded by the smell of pine trees. Its perfect for families, offering safe waters and shade under the trees as well as picnic areas and playgrounds.

While the lake is man made is has soft sand and the water is easily accessible, not that I dared to go in! While I am assured the water warms up nicely in the height of the summer (it is only May!) it was far too cold to take a swim so a dip of my toes was suffice enough.

Lhota-Lake-Prague-Czech republic
While I enjoyed the settings closeness of nature Leo discovered there was another form of closeness to nature! He wandered off in search of the toilets and fell upon the nudist side of the lake. I did wonder why he took so long…!

Lhota-Lake-Prague-Czech republic
So while there is a nudist beach here it is “sectioned” off (with a see through mesh??!!) and clearly sign posted so you can’t accidentally stumble across it like Leo claimed to of done! 🙂 The benefit is that the non-nudist section was half empty! Bonus for us British prudes! But it did highlight how willingly the Czech’s were to take their clothes off….but I guess we knew that anyway! 😀

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