Holy Harley! Our Pope Experience For Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary

Holy Harley! Our Pope Experience For Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary

Back in June 2013 my partner and I set off on our first long distance ride from Prague to Rome on our Sportster SuperLow to celebrate the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary. Part of the experience included a mass held at St Peters Square, where two “religions” came together to celebrate this momentous occasion. Shiny chrome and country flags lined the avenue to the Basilica and leather cladded bikers stood in the blistering heat to receive the special blessing from Pope Francis.

For the entire weekend, Rome was invaded with motorcyclists from all corners of the earth to celebrate Harley Davidson’s 110th Anniversary with events held in Ostia and Rome’s Stadio Olimpico. The mass held by Pope Francis was a highlight for us, not only because we are both Catholic but also because it proved to many that although we are bikers we are Catholics too. And it turns out the Pope is a huge fan of Harley Davidson. He was even given two motorcycles and a leather vest as a gift and a thank you.
Thats one pretty cool Pope if you ask me.

We also have this small clip of when the Pope arrives into the crowd. As you can see there were thousands of people gathered together for this special occasion. For two half hours we stood under the blistering sun so we could enjoy our first mass not only in Rome, but by our new Pope. It was great that we could combine our passion for motorcycles with our passion for the city of Rome and our religion all in one weekend.

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