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The fairy tale town of Cesky Krumlov is a place abundant in beauty. While most visitors admire its Renaissance and Baroque architecture from its cobbles streets, few ever adventure outside the confines of the small town. One thing I found Go Real Europe does very well on my recent trip around Central Europe is directing you to attractions, look out point and places that are not often found in typical guidebooks.

If you love to hike and appreciate the countryside, a trip to Krizovy Vrch or Hill of the Cross maybe the ideal afternoon walk where you can admire the picturesque town from an elevated position.

Self-Guided-Cross-Hike-Cesky Krumlov

It is not the most strenuous of walks, but it does take around half an hour from the bridge in Cesky Krumlov to reach the top of the hill. The trail follows numerous stations of the cross (small shrine looking monuments) that signify the 12 stopping points of Christ’s journey to Crucifixion. (although not all 12 are still standing).

Stations of the Cross Cesky Krumlov

Once you reach the top of the Hill of the Cross you will find the eight-nave chapel of Our Lady Dolorous and the Holy Cross built in 1710. Although it is no longer accessible, this was once a sacred pilgrimage site. Legend says that a a Jesuit preacher erected a cross here allegedly containing a small part of the Holy Cross in order to have the town protected against unfavorable weather and natural disasters.

 Krizovy Vrch or Hill of the Cross Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic

 Krizovy Vrch or Hill of the Cross Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic

 Krizovy Vrch or Hill of the Cross Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic

On a summers day it is a great spot for a picnic. With hardly any other tourists around it is a peaceful spot that has beautiful countryside views. If you decide to head up the hill, remember to bring your camera and your binoculars if you have some!

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