July and August maybe the peak time to visit Prague, but visiting in the Fall can brings a whole heap of benefits.

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It is said that after Spring, Fall is the best times to visit Prague. Its low light, changing maroon and auburn tones and pleasant weather makes for an enjoyable trip and an allure that no other time of year brings. Golden statures glimmer in the soft light of sunrise and sunset, its charming cobbled streets are far less full of tourists and air fares and hotel rates drop significantly too, making this Central European jewel of a city even more unresistant than it already is. More over, the weather isn’t quite as hot as it is in the summer and not as bitterly cold as the winter months of December and January.

But less tourists and a milder weather aren’t the only things to look forward while visiting in the Autumn months. There are a whole heap of things to see and do that make visiting the City Of A Hundred Spires in the fall completely unique to any other season.

Foliage & Its Beautiful Colors

Prague's Vltava River in the Autumn Fall © The Wandering Wanderluster www.thewanderingwanderluster.com

Prague is a beautiful city in its own right, no matter what time of year you visit, but it didn’t gain its nickname “Golden City” for nothing. Its Autumn colors of copper, yellow and flashes of crimson creates an atmosphere that warms the heart and sets the scene for the most romantic of city breaks. For some of the best views of Autumn’s fall foliage, take a trip up to Petrin Hill for a panoramic 360 degree view from the top of the tower over the city’s colorful parks and hills. For a fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family, take the funicular up to Petrin Hill instead of walking (your tram ticket’s all you need).

Alternatively spend the afternoon exploring Mala Strana, with a walk across the infamous Charles Bridge and a romantic stroll through Kampa Island. See the canals and walk across the bridge adorned with love locks, pass by the John Lennon Wall and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate in one of the many cafes you will find along the way.

Bridge in Mala Strana Kampa Island Prague

Great Music

People don’t immediately think of Prague as being a very musical destination, but you can enjoy a whole range of operas and concerts in some of the city’s most beautiful and famous theaters every day. For an complete Prague Autumn experience, take a visit to the city’s outstanding Clementinum in the historical Old Town and enjoy sounds of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons and other classical pieces.

Alternatively Prague’s “Strings of Autumn” music festival brings an opportunity to experience music from some of the Czech Republic’s cutting edge artists and be introduce to new modern sounds. The festival takes place from September to November in Prague.

Delicious Food

Svickova Cafe Louvre Prague
Delicious Svickova © Eating Prague Tours

The Czech Republic is well known for it hearty and filling cuisine. But lets be honest, no one wants to tuck into a thick Goulash in the height of summer. Therefore the Fall’s chilly evenings make for the perfect time to enjoy a hot and traditional Czech dish. Indulge in a traditional meat dish, normally accompanied with potato or bread dumplings with one of the local beers for a complete Czech food experience. If the weather isn’t too cold most restaurants or bars keep their terraces open and provide patio heaters or blankets to keep you warm, so you can enjoy a breath-taking Autumn sunset while enjoying a delectable dinner.

For a round food experience embark on a tour with Eating Prague Tours for a full day of sightseeing while sampling some of the best Czech foods in the city.

Fun Festivals


Prague hosts numerous festivals throughout the year and Autumn is no exception. Expect music, gastronomy and art festivals throughout this colorful season. Two of the best include:

Signal Festival – This exciting festival expects to light up the sights of Prague for a third year in a row through videomapping, site-specific projections, interactive and light installations. Wander the city’s streets and enjoy usual lighting up some of your favorite attractions. The festival takes place this year from October 15th until October 18th in Prague.

Wine Festivals – Tis the season to get merry! Fall = wine harvest which means there is plenty of vino festivals happening in and around the city of Prague. The nearby Karlsteijn Castle makes for a fantastic day trip and in the Autumn it hosts an annual two day wine festival. Spend the day with the family and take part in a ride on a steam train, rock out to medieval music, snap a selfie with a knight or just bask in the atmosphere of the historic residence of King Charles IV.

Even if you’ve traveled to Prague before during another time of year, consider visiting in the autumn; it may very well become your favorite season to enjoy the City of a Thousand Spires.

12 thoughts on “Forget The Summer – Fall Is The Best Time To Visit Prague

  1. Dannielle Lily says:

    I’m so glad I saw this, I’m a real summer person but I want to go to Prague, Budapest and Brussels over the next few months to make the most of weekends in Europe. I was a little worried about the weather spoiling it but this has made me think maybe I’ll just book that flight to Prague tonight…

    • Samantha Hussey says:

      Hi Mary! If you haven’t been to Prague before (and even if you have) Autumn is a wonderful time of year to visit. I actually prefer this season over summer, because there are far less people and the weather is blistering hot! Plus the colors adds a certain charm to the city!

  2. Ashlee says:

    I absolutely love autumn ALL the time. It’s my favourite season, so I will definitely be taking your advice 😉 Also, you had me at wine festival. 😀

  3. dannielle | While I'm Young and Skinny says:

    I didn’t know about those festivals! I’m a real summer person but I still like to get a travel fix during the colder months, though it’s hard to choose somewhere close enough to the UK that will still have plenty to offer. I may try Prague next year because the colours certainly do look beautiful. I’ll look up that food tour company too. Lovely post, it’s nice to see the city in fall!

  4. Karen says:

    My family is Czech! I dream of a trip to Prague to experience that goulash (and other dishes I grew up with from my Great-Grandma’s kitchen). In general, I like traveling spring and fall over the crowded (and hot) summer months anyway. 🙂

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