Eat, Pray, Love, Cruise: 5 Important Tips For Solo Cruisers

Eat, Pray, Love, Cruise: 5 Important Tips For Solo Cruisers

Travelling solo is something that I believe we could all probably benefit from once in awhile. Whether you’re looking to meet some new people or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life and going on a solo cruise is a great way to do both of these things. Enjoy visiting numerous destinations without the need to repack and unpack, delight in some world class entertainment and delve into a world centered around a sense of community and the encouragement to get involved in numerous activities. Check out the selection of cruise deals out there and take a look at these top five tips on how to enjoy a solo cruise.

1. Choose the right cruise line

Some cruise lines consider singles more than others, providing single rooms that don’t cost an arm and a leg and putting on singles mingles throughout the voyage. Do your research before booking and talk to friends who have been on a solo cruise before. Going with these cruise companies means that you’re also more likely to be on board with fellow singletons.

2. Book onto workshops

The great thing about cruises is that they provide an array of workshops to get involved with. For example, you might find yourself learning a new language, practicing your yoga or even doing something as exciting as glass blowing. If you’re looking to meet new people, you’ll find like-minded folk at such events.

3. Get involved with the entertainment

Cruise Entertainment

The night time entertainment on board ships can be quite spectacular. If you do find yourself feeling a bit lonely, this is a perfect opportunity to get talking to fellow passengers over dinner or while watching a show.

4. Use the internet

The internet is a great way of communicating with fellow passengers before you have even met them! Approach with caution and don’t give out any personal details or contact numbers before meeting them on board. From forums to Facebook groups, you can arrange to meet a whole gang of people!

5. Have fun!

Some people prefer to travel solo because they are looking for a bit of peace and quiet, so don’t feel pressured into having to meet people. Have fun your way – that’s the most important thing. If all you want to do is lounge by the pool through the day and curl up in the cabin with a good book at night, then do exactly that. However, if you are looking to make new friends, take advantage of every opportunity.

Hopefully this will get you excited about booking a cruise trip and give you the confidence to become the ship’s best socialite!

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