I didn’t want to include all the costs of the restaurants we went to while in Ngapali Beach in my normal posts because I would be there forever. This was the only place our food budget sky rocketed as it was the most expensive place to eat in the whole country so make sure you save enough cash for your stay here. I will also try to include a small description of the places we ate in and which ones I recommend!



Laguna Lodge Lilys Bar Ngapali Beach
Our first beach meal we had was in our beach lodge. Laguna Lodge has a small beach front bar called “Lillys Bar”. We ate here twice for lunch as we didn’t feel like leaving our little spot on those days! This was what we consumed…

Squid BBQ = 5000 (apparently it was very nice and fresh)
Tomato Pasta = 3000 (Pasta is not their strong point – if you like charcoal cooked pasta with too much garlic be my guest!)
Tigger Prawns BBQ = 8000 (there were quite a few!)
Pancake = 2000 (was an overpriced pancake!)

Lime Soda = 2000
Mojito = 2000
Coke x 2 = 4000
Watermelon Juice = 2000
Coffee x 3 = 3000
Myanmar Beer = 3000

Our first night we didn’t know where was best to eat (I had put away the LP Bible so I could decide for myself!) Our hotel recommended Zaw 2. It was an ok restaurant the food was all fresh and the fish curry was nice.

Soya Bean Fish Curry = 6500
Fried Vegetables = 1500
Myanmar Beer = 2000
Mandalay Beer = 1800
Coke = 2000

Another restaurant on the main strip and another pleasant setting. Service was rather good here and they were happy to suggest something for you on the menu too.

Fisherman’s Curry = 4500 (Mixed Fish Curry)
Vegetable Curry = 2000 (Quite nice but nothing out of the ordinary)
Steamed Rice x 2 = FREE
Pineapple Juice = 1000
Myanmar Beer = 2000

They also gave us two free flame grilled banana deserts (they pour rum over the banana and set light to it) and a plate of fruit.


We went for a walk along the beach as we had spotted some bars on the beach itself. We stopped at Ngapali Beach Bar. Unfortunately they only had seafood on the menu so I just enjoyed a nice cold fresh juice instead.

Squid = 3000
Myanmar Beer = 2000
Pineapple Juice = 1000
Orange Juice = 1000 (Made from the tiny honey oranges so its very sweet!)

Pleasant View Islet Ngapali Beach Myanmar

During our walk on the beach we also stopped and booked a table for the evenings dinner at the Pleasant View Islet. While the menu is rather expensive we thought we would splash out a little bit and enjoy a nice meal and watch the sunset (around 6pm). The atmosphere was very nice and the sunset was rather nice too!

Calamari = 4000
Chicken Salad = 6000
Mixed Seafood = 7000
Home-made Potatoes = 2000
Myanmar Beer = 2500
Mandalay Rum = 500
Mojito = 4000
Strawberry Shake = 3000 (Was like a milkshake)


Our rather western need for WiFi and contact with the outside world meant we were forced to pay $5 for the use of Amata’s Internet. It was only next door so we went there to use its facilities and we rather stupidly had lunch here. It was the most expensive meal we had during our entire trip all for the sake of WiFi and a western food mix….totally NOT WORTH IT!

Red Berry Soda = 4800
Myanmar Beer = 4800
Cheese Burger = 8800 (OK it came with fries but was nothing special)
Some Thai Dish with Rice = 7800
Single Espresso = 3800!! (For a small coffee! And they served it cold and it took them half an hour to bring it!)

PS: Turns out once you have paid for the WiFi once it appeared as though you could still use it…my iPad stayed connected to it for the rest of our stay. Sshhhh!


Two Brothers Restaurant Ngapali
In our opinion this was the best restaurant we ate in. The service was nice the staff were kind and the food was delicious and was good value. It was busy every night. It was so nice we went back twice. (So below it two days of meals, one lunch an one dinner….just in case you thought we were being piggy!) We saw a rat here twice running across the top of the walls but I doubt this effects their hygiene as it all looked very clean so I wouldn’t be put off by it. I would say 100% of the restaurants we had eaten it would of had rats….just we didn’t see them!! 🙂

Mixed Grilled Seafood = 7000
King Prawns = 5000
Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls = 4000
Can of Sunkiss Soda = 1200
Myanmar Beer x 2 = 4000

Mandalay Crab = 6000
Chicken Salad = 3000
Squid Curry = 3500
Potatoes = 1500
Coke = 1200
Large Bottle of Water = 500
Myanmar Beer = 2000
Lime Juice = 1000

We also had our final dinner at the Pleasant View Islet again with some people we had met on the beach. They informed us of another good restaurant called the Green Umbrella Ngapali Beach which might be worth checking out. Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t get to dine there but we had heard all good things about it!

4 thoughts on “Daily Food & Drink Spend in Ngapali Beach

  1. Robert Heywood says:

    Thanks Samantha for the details. I have been to Myanmar a few times and love it. But I’ve never been to the beaches. I expected them to be more expensive and they are, but not by too much

    • Samantha Hussey Barbagallo says:

      Hi Robert The beach was lovely. Back when we went in 2014 it was an untouched paradise but a little pricier than everywhere else. I’d love to go back but I’d be afraid the now commercialism that has taken over Ngapali would ruin my memory.

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