hateau Mcely Natural Swimming PoolChateau Mcely is a best luxury spa retreat that promises the healing of the body and the uplifting of the soul.

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For anyone traveling to the Czech Republic in search of the ultimate luxury spa experience, look no further than Chateau Mcely for best spa vacation packages. Located outside of Prague, Chateau Mcely is a luxury, 5-star eco retreat hotel that sits nestled in the peaceful Czech countryside. Late last summer I was lucky enough to visit Chateau Mcely Czech and spend the day relaxing amidst its beautiful surroundings and world class spa.

Exterior and Lawns of Chateau Mcely

Originally a hunting lodge, this beautiful country chateau was once the home of a succession of aristocratic families. After the communist coup in 1948 it fell into disrepair. As the years passed, the chateau became more dilapidated, until, eventually it became a boarded up castle ruin. Half a century later, the chateau received a new breath of life, after being meticulously restored by Inez Cusumano.

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Now Chateau Mcely a luxury spa retreat, it boasts 23 distinctive rooms and suites, each as unique as the chateau itself.  Venture to the Floor of the Worlds, with rooms aptly named the magical Southern Seas and the Mysterious Orient. Visit the second and you’ll find rooms following the theme of time with months of the years instead of room numbers.

In addition to the beautiful suites, the Chateau Mcely features an award winning restaurant (best in the Czech Republic) with an array of exquisite dishes. Many of the ingredients are taken from its very own herb and vegetable garden.

Chateau Mcely Restaurant

Its 12 acres of stunning English park grounds carries the enchantment of a magical forest. There are so many activities that you’ll never find yourself bored. Take a peaceful nature walk through its manicured grounds and pass the scented herb and vegetable garden. Play a game of croquet on the lawn or indulge in an afternoon picnic. If you feel energetic, borrow one of the bikes and circle the grounds admiring the stunning vistas that surround the Chateau.

Czech Countryside view from Chateau Mcely

Chateau Mcely Bouquet Spa

By far the highlight of any trip to Chateau Mcely is its award winning herbal aromatherapy Mcely Bouquet Spa. From the moment you undress and put on your plush robe, you instantly feel relaxed. Each therapy is a ritual that takes place in one of three beautiful suites, Honey, Silk or Pearls.

Chateau Mcely Honey Suite
Chateau Mcely’s Honey Suite

During my visit, one of Chateau’s skilled therapists greeted me in the Honey Suite (the best of them all in my opinion) and asked me to choose a fragrance from one of their natural skin care products. Each product at Chateau Mcely Bouquet Spa has been specially developed and produced in their laboratory from local medicinal plants and rare natural ingredients from around the world. This is a spa treatment in its purest form. No chemicals in sight.

I chose their White Chocolate Balm, made to heal dry skin and rehydrate the skin from the effects of the sun or cold. It smelt divine and had a wonderfully smooth and not too oily consistency. To begin with she spent a whole ten minutes washing and massaging my feet. The level of service Mcely goes to make you feel as special as possible is incredible. You truly begin to feel like one of the aristocrats that could have lived here in the past.

Unfortunately, it was too chilly for me to swim in their natural swimming lake or take a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi, both of which are located in the peaceful grounds of the Chateau. There is also a sauna and tennis court.

Chateau Mcely Natural Swimming Pool
The wonderful outdoor relaxation and swimming area. To the left is the Honey Suite.


Inside Chateau Mcely

If you thought the grounds of this castle were impressive, wait until you wander around its corridors and rooms. Each one has been beautifully styled with parquet floors, antique furnishings, and crystal chandeliers.

There is a library on the top floor full of books covering different subjects and an observatory. It is the perfect for romantic proposals or staring up at the stars. You can see for miles on a clear day and the scenery is spectacular.

You’ll also find a very interesting “Alchemist” Wine Cellar with over 1000 bottles of wine of 260 types from all over the world. It’s a great spot for a glass of wine or cigar after dinner while listening to a favorite tune on the jukebox.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you occupied, you can also take part in cooking classes, cosmetic blending courses, yoga and meditation and archery.

For Prince & Princesses

While it may appear as though Chateau Mcely has been created as a divine retreat for adults, you’d be wrong. Families are also welcome at the chateau with special programs, activities, and facilities made especially for children.

Amongst my favorite is the Chateau Mcely Princess Nely Suite. Using the chateau’s very own Princess Nely storybook as its foundation, the room has been lovingly created for the smallest of princesses.

Princess Nely Suite at Chateau Mcely

There is also a playground in the English park, children tea parties, special children spa treatments and an organized children program.

Whenever you decide to visit, this heavenly place promises a level of luxury that is hard to beat.

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    This place looks so elegantly pretty! and indeed luxurious! I would like to visit the Czech Republic again and who knows maybe I am fortunate to visit this place as per your recommendation!

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