Taking photography back to its basics with London City Airport’s #NoFilter Project

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Selected as one of the small handful of bloggers, I am kicking Instagram to the back seat and taking you on a visual journey through Milan with photographs that I have taken on my Canon G10 without any post editing as part of London City Airport’s #NoFilter project.

Now in its fourth edition, the #NoFilter project aims to take travel photography back to its roots with photographs that have not undergone extensive editing or added filtering. #NoFilter is an ingenious project born of London City Airport and this edition will be judged by the fabulous Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy Previous editions have been:  #NoFilterMadrid , #NoFilterSwitzerland, and the last location was #NoFilterDublin.

Introducing My Milan…

Trendy, fashionable and upbeat, Milan is a city that boasts everything from glamorous catwalks, fascinating history to world class luxury brands and a myriad of stunning architecture. Considered as the “Fashion Capital of The World”, Milan is often frequented by the rich and famous on expensive shopping sprees or visiting the classy annual Fashion Week. As the financial and industrial capital of Italy, it is often also referred to by Italians as the most ugliest city. But I disagree. If you look hard enough, Milan has more than a handful of beautiful gems hidden amongst its skyscrapers and factories….you just have to look for them.

I have visited Milan numerous times over the past six years and with every visit I uncover new parts of the city, new pieces of outstanding architecture or quirky neighborhoods. No matter how many times I visit, walking up the steps from the underground metro and being face to face with the facade of the magnificent Gothic Duomo is still something special. Despite its superficial and materialistic feel with luxury brands on every corner, this is a city with a great deal of beauty, history and wondrous architecture.

Monastero di Chiaravalle
Although this is not located in the city center, this stunning building is called the Monastero di Chiaravalle and it is located just a short train ride south of the city. It dates back to 1134 and it is one of the first examples of Gothic architecture in the whole of Italy. A truly off the beaten path gem.
Milan's Duomo Cathedral Italy
Milan’s Gothic Duomo in the fresh winter sun of December
Santa Maria Delle Grazie Milan Italy
From one Gothic Cathedral to another…this is Santa Maria Delle Grazie Church one of my favorite churches in the city! Most famous for its shining glory, the fresco and painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo di Vinci
Sforza Castle Milan
This is the Sforza Castle built in the 15th Century by the Duke of Milan Francesco Sforza on the remains of a 14th-century fortification,

Top Tips For An Enjoyable Milan Experience

  • Avoid the men that are selling bracelets in and around the main city center. They sometimes give them to you for free and or take your arm and begin attaching them to you. Kindly decline and walk away (unless you really want one). As with all things in life, nothing comes for free and even though they may insist they are free, as soon as you walk away with one they will hassle you for money.
  • Same goes for the men selling toys or replica handbags. It is illegal for them to sell these products and you will often hear a whistle and then see them disappear if a police officer is on their patrol. If you are caught purchasing items from them you can also get into trouble.
  • GO AND SEE  The Last Supper. But be aware that you have to book your ticket in advance before you visit (try to book as much in advance as possible) and you are only given 15 minutes to view it. Photography is forbidden.
  • CLIMB the steps to the top of the Duomo for an incredible view of the city from above. Don’t take the lift if you can avoid it, the steps and the walk to the roof top is a great experience, giving you a chance to get super close to the Gothic spires that makes this cathedral so unique.
  • WALK everywhere. You will stumble across so many more hidden gems, peaceful parks and amazing churches if you wander the city by foot instead of taking the metro or tram.
  • Take time in your schedule to head out of the city and visit the nearby places such as Monza, Lake Como (or any of the lakes) or Verona, all of which are within a short train ride away and easily visited as a day trip.

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  1. Emma Hart says:

    It doesn’t look like Milan needs a filter at all! I’d love to visit one day and I’m sure it looks just as stunning in real life as it does in these photos 🙂

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