Bucket List Wednesdays – Wandering Avena

Bucket List Wednesdays – Wandering Avena

Welcome to this week’s Bucket List Wednesday – a feature where I ask a fellow travellers about their Bucket List. If you would like to take part please get in touch – samantha@thewanderingwanderluster.com or @A_wanderluster – I would love to for you to get involved!

This week’s traveller is Andrea from Wandering Avena Travel Blog. Andrea is currently in his final year of his geography degree. He has a passion for travel and food, which is the focus of his blog. When he graduates in June, he intend to travels so he set up his blog in preparation for his trip. For now he spends his time blogging about his past travel experiences as well as the food and restaurants he visits in Kent and London where he is currently living. His favorite trips have been with his family including a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in California and a scuba diving trip in Indonesia.

So Andrea, how many things do you have on your Bucket List?

I have so many things on my bucket list; I don’t know where to start! I know it’s over done but I would love to go on Safari in Africa, I never got to do that when I visited Malawi, and I would like to finally see a great white shark whilst scuba diving. I’m also really intrigued by South America, so travelling to a few South American countries are next on my bucket list.

Wandering Avena

South America is a fantastic place full of such diversity so I can see why it would be on your list! What is at the top of your Bucket List?

The travel experience at the top of my Bucket List has to be a visit to Petra in Jordan. I have been fascinated by this place after seeing it in Indiana Jones, as well as that episode of An Idiot Abroad when Karl Pilkington visited Petra. The way the buildings are carved into the rock amazes me. A wider travel objective would be to travel around the Middle East.

Petra seems to making an appearance in a lot of Bucket Lists! 🙂 What made you choose Jordan?

I want to explore the Middle East because I feel that as a region and a culture the Western perspective is tainted by images of the War on Terror. An elderly friend of mine once told me that the best travel experience she ever had was visiting Germany after the end of the Second World War. She realized that the German people were not the enemies she had been taught they were, and of course she discovered that Germany is a beautiful and vibrant country.

Are there any languages you would like to learn?

My family is Italian, and I really struggle with understanding the language so I would say that I would love to learn Italian fluently!

Having been learning Italian/Sicilian for the past five years I can tell you it is not an easy language! So well done on wanting to learn fluently! I am not even half way there yet! Are there any people you would like to meet (perhaps have lunch with)?

Everyone I would love to meet seems to have already died! I think it would have been inspiring to hear Ernest Hemingway speak about his travels. I would like to think that we would have got on – apparently he loved Venice and Harry’s Bar too. In general I love to meet and eat with anyone. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. I was recently in Italy and met some people whose family had moved to New York whereas my family had moved to London. It was interesting to find out how they still celebrated different parts of Italian culture in the States.

What things have you seen other people do or accomplish and you thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool! I’d love to do that!”?

A few of my friends have travelled abroad to take part in building projects at schools and orphanages in Malawi. I’d love to travel and take part in a project where you feel that you are giving something back – until now I’ve only gone for amazing experiences for myself!

I am also very keen on doing a volunteering project and it was also a friend of mine who went to Malawi that inspired me to look into projects too! 🙂 Finally how many things have you achieved off your Bucket List already?

Visiting Hollywood and the Walk of Fame was always on my Bucket list, and I got to do that last year. As it turned out, I found Hollywood and Los Angeles a bit underwhelming, but I’m so glad I went there. We would never have gone to San Diego if we hadn’t have done that trip, and San Diego was amazing.

The West Coast is beautiful and definitely on my list. One of the most iconic road trips!

If you want to follow Andrea on his adventures as he prepares for his travels next year and continue to tick things off his Bucket List then you can find him at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanderingavena
Twitter: https://twitter.com/andrea_avena
Instagram: http://instagram.com/andrea_avena

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