Bucket List Wednesdays – Vagrants Of The World

Bucket List Wednesdays – Vagrants Of The World

Welcome to this week’s Bucket List Wednesday – a feature where I ask a fellow travellers about their Bucket List to inspire you with Bucket List ideas for your own list! If you would like to take part please get in touch – samantha@thewanderingwanderluster.com or @A_wanderluster – I would love to for you to get involved!

This weeks travellers are Kate & Mark from Vagrants Of The World. Kate & Mark are an Australian couple who are now full time travellers and international house sitters. They are currently on the island of Leros in Greece where they have been yacht sitting for nearly 3 months looking after a cat.

Mark & Kate- Vagrants Of The World

So lets get started! How many things to you have on your Bucket Lists?

Our bucket list changes daily because we want to go “everywhere” and usually end up in places we never planned on going! Currently our list would look like this:

    • Iceland or anywhere in the Arctic circle
    • Russia and the Trans Siberian Railway
    • Mongolia
    • Romania
    • Patagonia

This list could go on for ever!

Great selection of amazing places! What is at the top of your list?

Probably the Trans Siberian Railway

What made you choose the Trans Siberian Railway as a priority? 

The Trans Siberian is one of the great journeys. To travel through really interesting countries with all the romance and adventure of train travel. Its kind of old fashioned, one of the more authentic travel experiences still on offer.

I agree! Its a long journey but there is definitely something “old age of travel” about train journeys that I love! Are there any languages either of you would like to learn?

We have spent the better part of the last year in Spanish speaking countries so have been making an attempt to improve our Spanish. We did Spanish classes on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico that cost us one gin & tonic per class, so you can imagine how well we progressed! We really only started to use our bad Spanish properly last month in Nicaragua, it was great to start using what we did know in a more day to day capacity, so are hoping to continue learning. Now we are in Greece though, good chance we will revert to Spanglish, Use it or lose it, as they say!

Spanish is a great language to learn as it is so widely used 🙂 Are there any groups of people or perhaps a celebrity you would love to have lunch with?

Putin! He’s almost like a parody of himself, like the Russian villain from a bad spy film or an episode of Get Smart. We would have lots of questions for him.

Interesting (and unique choice!) I am sure he would be an interesting guest for dinner 🙂 What things have you seen other people do or accomplish and you thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool! I’d love to do that!”?

We always thought it was pretty cool that there were people out there travelling full time and thought we’d love to do that. And now we are doing it.

Great that you followed your dream. Travelling full time is a great achievement, one that so many people aspire to! Finally how many things have you achieved off your Bucket List so far?

We have both been lucky to cross so many places off the ever changing bucket list. Probably our biggest accomplishment, or “tick”off the list was working in Antarctica a few years ago, which is where we met!

Baby penguin in Antarctica 2011

Baby penguin in Antarctica 2011

Ah what a great place to meet! Very unique! Thank you for participating in this feature. Its been great getting to know you both and your Bucket List. 

If you would like to follow Kate & Mark’s adventures you can find them at the below links:




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