Bucket List Wednesdays – Blonde Brunette Travel

Bucket List Wednesdays – Blonde Brunette Travel

Welcome to this week’s Bucket List Wednesday – a feature where I ask a fellow travellers about their Bucket List. If you would like to take part please get in touch – samantha@thewanderingwanderluster.com or @A_wanderluster – I would love to for you to get involved!

This weeks travellers are Kay and Anne from Blonde Brunette Travel. Kay and Anne are Baby Boomer sisters who started travelling on camping sites with their parents when they were just a few months old and their love from travel has now spun widely out of control as they have got older. For the last 12 years Anne and Kay been traveling together internationally and two years ago decided to start a blog – for no particularly valid reason other than that Blonde had lost her job and couldn’t find another one and needed something to do!

Blonde Brunette Travel

Their blog name was created because Blonde (Kay Dougherty) has many of the stereotypical characteristics of blondes – loves clothes, attention whore, easily distracted and frequently oblivious. Brunette (Anne Reilly) is the (or we should say “used to be”) more sensible, organized, practical sister.

Both are originally from a steel town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. “Brunette” still lives within 20 minutes of where they grew up (although she’s in Florida at least half of the year these days). Blonde has lived in Northern Virginia, Baltimore and then for 17 happy years in the wonderful city of Boston. Last year she moved to Marco Island, Florida to be closer to her sister and to get rid of having a mortgage.

So Anne & Kay welcome to Bucket List Wednesdays! What is on your Bucket Lists? Anything exciting?

We always say we have a “bathtub list” because we want to go way more places than would ever fit in a bucket! Every trip we go on produces more additions to our imaginary list so it will definitely never be checked “done”.

Here are some currently on the list:

• The Whitsunday Islands in Australia
• Dominica
• Sri Lanka
• Montenegro
• Sipadan, Borneo
• Corfu
• Myanmar
• Colombia
• Slovenia
• Bora Bora
• Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia

Having just visited Myanmar this year i can definately say its a great country to have on your Bucket List. What is on the top of your list?

A recurring theme of our travel desires is to go snorkeling at as many great places as we can. We are amazed to learn that we even like small cruises (like one we just did with Captain Cook Cruises in Fiji). We have always scorned cruises but after doing a very active one several years ago in the Galapagos Islands and this year in Fiji we are definitely rethinking our position. Smaller cruises that have a lot of water activities are now on our radar screen.

Cruises are a great way to see destinations in a hurry and without moving around like backpacking so they are growing so popular these days. I would imagine a nice Caribbean cruise would have plenty of water activities! Are there any languages you want to learn?

Blonde (Kay) would like to learn Spanish but apparently not to the extent that she will ever finish one of the unending series of classes she has signed up for over the years. Brunette (Anne) would like to reincarnate the French of some of her college years and a summer job in France.

Blonde Brunette Travel

Both are great languages to learn! 🙂 Are there any people you would love to meet or perhaps have a lunch date with?

We would both like to have lunch with Samantha Brown or Hillary Clinton (maybe lunch with one and dinner with the other). We used to be more admirable and want to meet Nelson Mandela but now that that option is sadly no longer available we’ve gone back to wanting George Clooney. That’s probably even less likely than Nelson Mandela.

Yes Nelson Mandela would of been an amazing lunch date. I would also have so many questions to ask him! What things have you seen other people do or accomplish and you thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool! I’d love to do that!”?

For Kay it’s seeing someone publish a successful (and preferably humorous book). Anne likes to think of doing some amazing bicycle trips but has asthma that doesn’t share that desire. She just wants to swim at as many places as possible – sort of an aquatic Samantha Brown. The main thing we both envy in other people is being tall!

Both are great goals to have and as for being tall….well there are always heels 🙂 Finally how many things have you ticked off your “bathtub list” so far?

We don’t have an actual list that we track but some of the main places we wanted to go to and did are; Turkey, the Galapagos Islands, South Africa, Australia, Fiji, the Maldives, sailing off the coast of Greece, spending 6 weeks on the Costa Brava, Indonesia (including Bali), Dubai and Singapore and, for Kay, Iceland and Bhutan.

Blonde Brunette Travel

This year we crossed two major places off our lifelong bathtub lists, the Maldives and Fiji. We chose both of them because of our love of snorkeling and the many still healthy reefs of both countries. We also feel as if they, with climate change, tsunamis or cyclones could be easily destroyed and wanted to see them while they (and we) are still relatively intact. Both were absolutely fabulous destinations with beautiful scenery, bizarrely nice people and great snorkeling opportunities. We would go back to either in a heartbeat (at least if someone else were picking up the tab).


You have a myriad of fantastic places I would love to visit ticked off! I am extremely jealous especially of the Maldives and Fiji! Sounds like you’ve both been truly bitten by the travel bug and have no intention of stopping anytime soon! Great!

If you would like to follow Blonde & Brunette’s travels as they continue ticking off items off their Bucket Lists you can find them here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlondeBrunetteTravel
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BlBrTravel
Instagram: www.instagram.com/BlondeBrunetteTravel
Blog: http://blondebrunettetravel.com

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