Bucket List Wednesdays – Ben Jazzy’s Bucket List

Bucket List Wednesdays – Ben Jazzy’s Bucket List

Welcome to this week’s Bucket List Wednesday – a feature where I ask a fellow travellers about their Bucket List. If you would like to take part please get in touch – samantha@thewanderingwanderluster.com or @A_wanderluster – I would love to for you to get involved!

This weeks travellers are Ben and Jazzy from Road Affair. Ben and Jazzy are a couple of newbie travellers, in search of a more fulfilling, adventurous, and happier life by living out their dream of traveling the world. Ben is from Austria and at the age of 20 he left his hometown, Salzburg for NYC where he eventually met Jazzy. They are currently living in New York City however, in a few days they will begin their hitchhiking journey across the USA.

So guys how many things do you have on your Bucket List?

Between the both of us, there are way too many to list. There are some weird ones like driving a tank, and of course the traditional ones like skydiving, and finding our soul mates (which we found in each other of course). One thing that is on both of our lists is to travel the USA.

Well its a good thing your journey in the USA starts soon! What is at the top of your Bucket List?

This is kind of a difficult one for us, because some of the things listed are tied for first place. For example, Ben’s number one thing is to own a hut on a beachfront (he is the definition of a beach bum) and to live in Thailand for a year. For me, I want to visit the motherland, Africa, to live in five different countries before I settle down and to work/volunteer for the Red Cross overseas. And yes, those are all tied at first place, there is no way, we could put either of those on top of the other.

I like the sound of all of those, especially to volunteer for the Red Cross. Its always great to give something back to the world and to help those who truly need it. What made you choose such unique things for your Bucket Lists?

See, if you want to make Ben happy, just give him the sun (i.e heat) and water, and he will be the happiest person alive. Those two things alone are the main reasons why he wants to live in Thailand’s tropical weather and live somewhere where his backyard is a beach. I on the other hand, love helping others as well as learning about different people and cultures. That’s why Africa is one of my top destinations I want to visit. In my opinion, Africa seems to have the most diverse cultures, wildlife and people in one continent.

I have never been to Africa (but its on my list!) so I completely agree with you! Are there any languages you would like to learn? Perhaps Ben should start learning Thai? 🙂

Between the both of us we already speak four languages, French, Creole, German and English. The next language we would like to learn is Spanish, mainly because in the future we plan to explore Central and South America. On top of that, we hope to pick up a few words from each country’s native language, even if it’s just “hi” and “bye”.

Are there any people you would like to meet or perhaps a single person you would like to have lunch with?

We would like to meet all kinds of people, people from different walks of life, people who are not afraid to take a leap, and the people who are. We want to meet everyone that crosses our path because this adventure is about learning, changing our presumptions, opening our minds, and restoring the faith in others. The only way we will be able to do that is by meeting as many people as possible and learning from their stories.

What things have you seen other people do or accomplish and you thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool! I’d love to do that!”

When we first read about long-term travellers/nomads and their stories we were amazed by their courage. These people gave up the traditional life and did something that made them happy. They showed us a whole new life that we didn’t even think was possible. Because of those individuals, we decided to give long term traveling a try, better yet we gave our dreams a chance to become reality. So, for our first adventure, Ben and I will be hitchhiking across the USA.

And lastly, how many things on your Bucket List have you achieved so far?

So far, I have accomplished two things off my bucketlist, going to Paris and working with a non-profit organization. Ben crossed off moving to the USA, and finishing college. Together, we will be crossing off another thing on our list, traveling the USA!

To follow Road Affair’s adventures and hitchhiking trip across the USA you can follow them at:

Twitter- www.twitter.com/roadaffair

Instagram- www.instagram/roadaffair

Website- www.roadaffair.com

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