All Day Internet – The Essential WiFi For On The Go Travellers

All Day Internet – The Essential WiFi For On The Go Travellers

The best way to avoid roaming charges is with All Day Internet

One of the biggest and most important things for on the go travellers in our modern day world is the availability and reliability of a WiFi connection. Whether you’re travelling non stop, travelling for business or simply retreating for a week with friends or family, having a reliable and fast internet connection is a must for most people. As a travel blogger it is a number one priority and requirement when I consider which hotels to stay in, and even then the shared connections can often be slow and sluggish and it takes forever to upload a picture to Instagram or check my emails.

For me, having a fast and stable connection is vital as an on the go traveller. It allows me to check train times, bus or metro timetables, find local restaurants in my area, check my bank balance, send emails and stay connected with my family and friends on the road. So needless to say that without an internet connection I would be pretty lost.

What Is All Day Internet?

All Day Internet is a small portable pocket size WiFi hot spot that you can rent from as little as €5 per day in over 35 countries including the USA, France, Spain, Australia to name but a few. It is a cheap and reliable way to connect to the internet while abroad or on vacation while avoiding sky high roaming charges on your mobile.

All Day Internet

All Day Internet and its nifty storage case that comes with a charging cable.

Why All Day Internet?

It was during the planning of my latest summer adventure on the Camino de Santiago that I discovered All Day Internet. I was due to travel to Spain for five weeks on an epic 800+ km journey across the entire country, and staying connected with friends and family to let them know I was safe and well was something that was important to me. In addition the portable WiFi hot spot allowed the occasional social media post, checking of google maps and Skype video calling to home. Knowing just how expensive my data roaming charges would be for five weeks in Spain and how poor my UK sim card signal would be, I turned to All Day Internet. Not only I was I able to do all of the above, I saved a great deal of money.

All Day Internet on the Camino

My All Day Internet WiFi. The most useful thing I packed on my Camino!

Benefits of All Day Internet

Aside from the money you save by not using your roaming through your mobile, All Day Internet has a heap of other benefits that I loved which included:

  • Use on multiple devices simultaneously – It also meant I was able to share the WiFi connection with other travellers on the road.
  • Its small and light weight – It didn’t take up any valuable space in my already heavy backpack and I was able to keep it in my pocket while I was out and about exploring cities and towns.
  • The battery lasts for hours – With a full charge I was able to keep the device on almost all day until I reached my final destination or hotel where a two hour charge would give it a full battery again.
  • Great speed and connectivity – During my five week journey walking across Spain, visiting remote towns and villages I only experienced no connectivity twice. This could of been just to the lack of mobile signal in the area. Otherwise the remainder of the time the connection was fast.
  • It’s delivered to your hotel and the postage and return postage is included – The cost of sending the device to you and the postage to return the device is already factored into your daily cost. You are provided with a return envelope that can be placed into any mailbox.


Disclaimer: All Day Internet sponsored this post in exchange for a review of their service. I used All Day Internet for five weeks during my Camino and I truly recommend it for anyone looking to save money on roaming charges. As always, all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend a product unless I 100% support and believe it to be beneficial to my readers.


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  1. November 30, 2015 / 11:58 AM

    Awesome – I had no idea about All Day Internet. This is a great tip. I wish I had known about this service before my current trip. I have had a lot of trouble accessing the internet to load my pictures and posts. Will definitely look in to this before our next vacation.

    • November 30, 2015 / 7:11 PM

      Haha yes its a nifty and useful tool for us bloggers! Cheap enough to hire as well!

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