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If you’re a frequent reader of The Wandering Wanderluster, you may of realized by now that I LOVE PRAGUE! Since moving here in 2013, I have found numerous reasons why I am in love with this beautiful Central European city. And it appears I am not the only one. I asked friends, locals and expats alike why they love Prague and here are their reasons for their love affair with ” The Golden City”.

1. Vijayshekhar from India – “Beer!”

2. Kylie from Australia – “I love that I can go to a concert any night of the week and that the opera is affordable and that I can walk around Prague if I want to. I love the parks. I love that it’s mummy friendly (mostly)”.

3. Jason from Arizona – “Easy to immigrate to!”

4. John from Omaha, Nebraska USA – “The breathtaking architecture”.

5. Nikolaj from Amsterdam – “Very central in Europe. It is easy to get away from the madness and explore Europe”.

6. Joanna from Warsaw Poland – “The city is easily walkable,  it has great parks with nice playgrounds for kids”.

7. Karin from Switzerland – “Society here is very acceptant, which makes it an easy place to live. You can be who you wanna be and do what you wanna do”.

8. Alex from America – “Prague still feels Czech, it has yet to be fully globalized”.

9. Avishag from Israel – “It’s never boring, you always have things to do no matter when – day/night, summer/spring/autumn/winter”.

10. Edgard from Mexico City – “I love to get lost in Prague’s little cobblestone streets to avoid the crowds and find things on my own, away the typical tourist attractions”.

11. Anastasia from Russia – “Prague is very tolerant to Gays and Lesbians which is awesome”.

12. Beth from California – ” I love that my health insurance is better than the states”. 

13. Anna from Georgia – “I love that you feel totally safe when you decide to go on a night walk after a concert or after clubbing, at 3 or 4am”.

14. Lindsay from Michigan USA – ” Stumbling upon new street art, Christmas markets, food festivals by the river, hearing street music as I walk around, seeing the castle everyday on my way to work, the views from Letna or the castle or anywhere high up basically, the expat community, Easter traditions, St. Mikulas day at a public elementary school… I guess I could go on”.

easter in Czech Republic prague
Easter in Old Town Square Prague

15. Jessica from Oklahoma USA – “Being able to walk nearly everywhere, coming from Oklahoma where the nearest grocery was a 15 minute drive, Prague is heaven”.

16. Kate from Los Angeles, California – “You can easily get out of the city in very little time. Tons of hiking and other outdoor activities are accessible by public transport in Prague”.

17. Alex from Bucharest – “I love the quietness and more importantly the Soul of Prague”.

18. Hasse from Denmark – “Prague is a nice sized city (not too small, not too large)”.

19. Gabriela from Macedonia – “People here are so easy going, everyone is relax, no one rushes”.

20. Anke from Germany – “Czech sense of humour!”

21. Shirley from The Netherlands – ” I love wondering around in the city, because in Prague you never know what you’ll find around the next corner”. 

22. Ale from Italy – “There is plenty of sports you can do in Prague, considering the Czech Republic is a landlocked country. Also some employers here will offer and somehow cover the cost of a Multisport card, which grants you access to a whole bunch of facilities.”.

23. Vanessa from Colombia – “The view of the castle from the river”.

Prague Czech Republic in Autumn

24. Fabio from Naples – “Vinohrady in Prague 2 is awesome. You can find pubs, clubs, cafes and its beer garden in Riegrovy Sady is a great place to hang out in the summer”.

25. Todd from San Diego California – “Letna Beer Garden!”

26. Monica from Portugal – “Living in Prague but having a natural Park as “backyard” where I meet foxes and deers while walking my dog”.

27. Laura from Canada – “Hiking in Divoka Šarka (a nature reserve on the northwestern outskirts of Prague)”.

28. Leonardo from Sicily – “I like the weather in Prague. You actually get seasons here as opposed to non stop rain or sun”.

29. Thommie from USA – “The cafe culture forces you to be social in Prague. House parties are rare – just meet at a pub and don’t worry about the cleanup!”.

30. Ally from Derbyshire UK – “I love my flat on Smetanova Nabrezi. I get the 18 tram every morning to Pankrac. The view over the river from the tram stop is one of the greatest in the world! (I love Namesti Miru as well!)”.

31. Steen from Manchester UK – “The heated tram seats. It’s the kind of bottom pampering you’d normally only expect in a top of the range BMW. Nothing beats a toasty rump on subzero Prague mornings…”

32. Radka from Moravia Czech Republic – “Prague is magical at night!”

Prague Castle Cityscape

33. Birgitte from The Netherlands – “All the little towers on every house and the hills!”.

34. Lani from North Carolina USA – “Sunset views from Vitkov Hill”.

35. Sandra from the UAE – “Walking through the same street many times before and still discovering something new all the time”.

36. Michael from Charlotte USA – “The coed saunas and the variety of spas, health and fitness facilities”.

37. Brook from New Zealand – “The variety of shows and operas. We only have maybe one a year in New Zealand”.

38. Amanda from Idaho – “How I can wander down random alleys and find the cutest hole-in-the-wall pubs. In the US, it’s certainly not safe to do the same activity!”.

39. Kata from Slovakia –  “It’s old and it’s new, it’s big and it’s small”. 

40. Max from Albania  – “If you speak English you don’t have to speak Czech”. – Side note – a little knowledge does help though! 🙂

41. Peter from Rustenberg – “Walking everywhere, every corner having its history – Kafka’s school was there; one of the 27 knights lived in this house; Heinrich’s assassins got him over there; they shook their keys for the Velvet revolution next to the horse here”.

Plaque showing Franz Kafka’s birthplace in Prague.

42. Maria from Greece – “High ceiling houses with big windows!”

43. Jordan from Lyon France – “I left for quite a long time in Lyon (France) and as a french dude, I was looking for a bigger and “cosmopolitan” city. I found every single thing in Prague. A capital city at human size in which I feel great to wake every morning. This is why I love Prague!”.

50. Natasha from Venezuela – “The Christmas market and tree at Staromestske Namesti (Old Town Square) and steamy hot trdlniks while walking in the center”.

51. Wei-Hai Chu  – “The incredible expats that live here…from the ones that have been here forever to the recently arrived. So many stories and quite a few very good ones!”.

52. Giorgio from Belgium – “Beautiful roads through the countryside”.

53. Auburn from Seattle USA – “The freedom not to smile. If you’re having a bad day or want to keep to yourself, you’ll blend right in and won’t be bothered”.

54. Deborah from the UK – “The architecture is gorgeous and I really like Czech people – they have a dry sense of humour which is very similar to our British one”.

56. Shannon from the USA – “My favorite thing about Prague is the ever-present bohemian nature. I’ve never felt freer than when I lived in Prague”.

57. Seray from Turkey – “Great hiking routes that can be reached by public transport or short train trip”.

58. Ariel from Northern California – “Even nearly 20 years later, the view of Prague’s magical hills, castle and so many other spots while traveling on transport or driving through still warms my heart and reminds me to remember the magic of each day”.

59. Eve – “In the autumn you can buy some of the most delicious apples in the world”.

60. Leslie from Prague – “Quality of life is off the charts even if most people would not admit it”.

61. Daniel from Slovakia – “Saturday farmers market on Naplavka!”.

62. Chaewon from South Korea – “The Night Trams”.

63. Mike from the USA – “A great expat community”.

64. Laus from Denmark – “The fact that (almost) all major architectural styles can be found. The fact that I can read Pillars of the Earth and go out and have a look at actual examples of the details described and see the difference between early churches and the impressive Gothic churches built just a few years later (a few years in the long span of time from 1000-2000). The fact that I can see cubist architecture (to be found nowhere else) and spend a day of 2 finding the examples – right in front of me”.

65. Lindsay from Michigan – “Sitting on the hill at Riegrovy Sady in the summer watching the sunset and the beer garden at Riegrovy Sady too of course!”.

66. Umair from Pakistan – “Parks with active people of all ages”.

67. Dominika from Slovakia – “Being able to have a beer with your lunch any time of the week & sunbathing naked in parks”.

68. Wilma from Canada – “You do not have to be alone in Prague. There is always someone there if you make the effort”.

69. Kevin from Alabama – “I love the strange festivals like the Witch Burning Festival on May 1st”.

70. Karol from Prague  – ” I love the mystery and mysticism,  the feeling that you get when walk the curvy little streets in the old town You can feel the history. You can almost touch it and travel through the mist of times. Its unbelievable. You can’t get this anywhere else in the world”.

Golden Lane Prague Photo Credit to Prague City Tourism
Golden Lane Prague

71. Katelyn from New Jersey – “The huge variety of restaurants and cafes that cater for Vegetarians and Vegans. You can find one or more in almost all areas of Prague. I have never been to any other city with such a high concentration”.

73. Jan from Prague –  “Cycling on the Charles Bridge in the summer during the sunrise”.

74. Lucy from Surrey England – “I love Petrin Hill. The view of the city from the tower is beautiful and the park is so beautiful in the spring”.

75. Michele from Italy – “I love how cheap and efficient the transport system is here in Prague. It runs even when there is ice and snow!”

76. Tomas from Moravia Czech Republic  – “I love Prague because everything is close by. The airport is just 20 minutes from the centre and the rail station has trains that can take you all over Europe”.

77. Damien from UK – “My favourite thing in Prague is the Prague Hash House Harriers. An international drinking club with a running problem, and a great way to make friends from all kinds of backgrounds that you might not normally mix with. And also a great way to explore the parts of Prague you would never get to find otherwise”.

78. Fran from Germany – “Goulash and dumplings or potato pancakes with a beer!”.

79. Tamara from Ukraine – “The views over Prague from the castle. I don’t think any other European cities’ castle can beat it”.

80. Nick from UK – “John Lennon Wall in the summer. It’s touristy but you occasionally get a real nice vibe there with locals playing John Lennon or the Beatles music”.

John Lennon Wall Prague
The buffed Lennon Wall (photo by @rickchan66/Instagram)

81. Anna from Italy – “Low cost of living. I can afford to live in the city”.

82. Franco from Italy – “Its nightlife! In the summer it’s warm enough to sit out in squares, drink and smoke. Also the beer here is good and cheap too!”.

83. Andrew from New Zealand – “I also love the wildly abundant cultural live – a theatre on every corner almost like other countries have a pub on every corner (although that also applies to CZ…)”.

84. Laurie from Scotland – “The amount of green space and parks the city has. They are great in the summer and are normally full with people playing sports, having picnics and generally having a good time”.

85. Peter from USA – “Some people aren’t a fan of Czech cuisine but I find their hearty and gamey dishes very good and perfect for cold Prague winter days”.

86. Brooke from Chicago USA – “I love that Prague is a big city yet feels small and how much people here value time spent outside”.

87. Nicola from South Africa – “I have a love hate relationship with the customer service here in Prague. It is so awful sometimes that you have to laugh. Strangely it is something I love about this city! The moody faces and blunt replies from the people in Albert!”.

88. Jack from Bristol UK – “I love the views. It seems there are so many places in the city that offer such great views no matter where you are”.

Zizkov Tower Prague 3 Lookout Point | Prague City Tourism
View from Zizkov Tower in Prague 3

89. Sandy from Connecticut USA – “The river is always so alive. No matter what season something is always happening on the Vltava”.

90. Michael from USA – “A cold beer after work on a summer’s day in a beer garden. Nothing beats it”.

91. Lisa from Bradford England – “Prague is a very family friendly city. There are parks for children everywhere and so many activities for expat children and great school options”.

92. Karl from Scotland – “Prague has so many beautiful women!”.

93. Jodie from China – “There is something magical about Prague that can’t be explained unless you visit”.

94. Sean & Jen from USA – “Beer is one thing we loved about Prague! But for me the unexpected diversity in Prague such as the thriving Vietnamese community for example”.

95. Tammy from Ukraine – “Prague is a very cool city. No one cares whether you’re fat or thin, straight or’re accepted regardless”.

96. Sylvia from Italy – “Strangely the Italian restaurants in Prague are better than those I have eaten in at home in Italy!”.

97. Zee from Singapore – “Prague is just so cheap to visit. Sure it used to be cheaper but it is a city that offers great value for money”.

98. Kevin from Ireland – “I hated Prague when I moved here. Everyone was so miserable, but this city grows on you and in time you grow to love everything, the good and the bad”.

99. Amitav from India – “It is just so central. If you feel like heading to Germany or Poland for the weekend it is so easy”.

100. Cheryl from USA – “As a painter I can’t imagine a more beautiful city to live in that could provide me with so much inspiration than Prague!”.

101. The Wandering Wanderlusters Reason..

Yup 101 has been reserved for me! There are numerous reasons why I love Prague. However one reason that has been most important for me is how amazing your social life can be in Prague. Before moving here I’d hang out with my friends perhaps once a month because it cost too much in London to go out frequently. Here in Prague I can socialize with friends once, twice, even three or more times in a week. Everything is so close and accessible that meeting up after work from drinks or dinner is so easy and so cheap you can do it frequently. Therefore my social life has improved ten fold!

So there you have it, 101 reasons why Prague is a city you simply can’t miss! And if these haven’t convinced you to come and visit…well I don’t know what will! 

Have you visited Prague? What made you fall in love with the city? 




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