The Wandering Wanderlusters is an luxury adventure travel blog that aims to inspire smart, independent travelers to explore their adventurous minds and discover off the beaten path destinations and experience incredible places! The Wandering Wanderlusters aims to not only inspire but to also assist with useful up to date travel advice, helpful tips and highlight the unique cultures, traditions and experiences from each country.

About the Founders | Who are the Wandering Wanderlusters?

Today I am exploring the region of Abruzzo in eastern Italy. It is very popular for tourists to stay in Agriturismo's - agricultural places that are eco-friendly and often self sustainable. This morning I explored some of the 45 hectares of land filled with fruit, olive and cypress trees!

Samantha is a twenty something English expat originally from the county of Surrey in England. She has a deep passion for seeking out adventure in all corners of the earth whether its hiking through mountains, trekking through desserts, exploring new cities or seeking out wildlife on safari. She has worked in travel and tourism for over 10 years for some of the most prestigious Tour Operators in the UK. Since moving to Prague, Czech Republic in 2013 she now continues her passion as the main editor for The Wandering Wanderlusters and a Travel Consultant and Marketing Director for Go Real Europe sro.


Leonardo is Italian and has lived in 11 countries throughout his life including Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, France and the USA. His childhood experiences of living in different countries and experiencing new cultures drives his passion for travelling. He has an adventurous spirit and loves nothing more than exploring untouched destinations where he can channel his inner MacGyver and Indiana Jones fantasies!

Together at Red Mountain Vineyard inle Lake Burma Myanmar

We met in December of 2009 in London England and have been together ever since. Our love for travel, food and wine has taken us all over Europe and Asia together. We happily live together in Prague, Czech Republic where we spend as much time as possible taking weekend trips to nearby towns and cities, often using our Harley Davidson as our beloved mode of travel.

How The Wandering Wanderluster Came About

It took me weeks to decide what to call this blog. After all, it is a decision not to be taken lightly. After much thought, I turned to my mum for her advice and wise wisdom. I explained that the name had to have something to do with travel. Her response? “Well you’ve always been a bit of a wanderer”. This I knew. When I was a child I was always wandering off or stopping to stare at something that caught my eye, then quickly realizing I was lagging far behind my family. “Don’t go wandering off” was a phrase I heard much as a child. And it was with that thought that The Wandering Wanderluster was born.

In June 2016, Leo and I got engaged and therefore I decided to change the direction of The Wandering Wanderluster to include my partner and now Fiance Leonardo who I travel extensively with and is the main photographer for our trips. Therefore you’ll notice our name and logo has changed to The Wandering Wanderlusters!